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What is CuteFlow?

CuteFlow schemaCuteFlow is a webbased open source document circulation and workflow system. Users are able to define "documents" which are send step by step to every station/user in a list.
It's an electronical way for doing (i.e. internal) document circulations. A document can be assembled from input fields of different types. The fields can be filled with values by the receiver of the document directly in the users E-Mail-Client. After a completed circulation you will have a completely filled document. Also attachments to the document are possible (i.e. for illustration material).
All operations like starting a workflow, tracking, workflow-definition or status observation can be done within a comfortable and easy to use webinterface.

Main Features


CuteFlow is free software you can use without any license payments! To support the development affords any help is highly appreciated. You can help with donations or development.
If you like to help in the areas translating, documentation and maybe coding, please take a look at the development pages. If you want to donate some amount of money just surf to the donation page.


Stable version: 2.11.2
Development version: 3.0.0-dev
License: BSD


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